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This weekend was my last Mariemont dance and I can’t believe it. Dances are one of my favorite things about high school and I’m sad that I don’t get to experience them anymore. Sure formals in college will be fun, but it won’t be the same without my dad awkwardly telling my date to keep his hands to himself and making my mom pin the boutonniere because I didn’t know how.

For this post I decided to list some of the things I love about school dances. 

  1. Getting to be in a big group with all of my friends
  2. Getting really yummy food before the dance
  3. Getting a spray tan!!! (probably my favorite because I hate being pale)
  4. An excuse to buy new shoes and new jewelry
  5. Taking funny pictures in the photo booth with my friends
  6. Singing and dancing to throwback songs that everyone knows
  7. Taking pictures

Aaaand some of the things I won’t miss about them. 

  1. Going to post my dress to the Facebook group and realizing someone else already has it
  2. Not knowing when to start getting ready the day of the dance
  3. Teachers watching you uncomfortably as you’re dancing with your friends
  4. Getting my toes broken by the guys that keep their shoes on
  5.  My dad trying to scare my date (he usually tells them he knows where they live)
  6. Losing or braking my corsage… which has happened almost every dance


sorry for the boring post… here are some pictures from prom to make it less boring 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 7.54.18 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-30 at 7.54.33 PM


Things I Wish I Knew

There is less than a month left of high school and I can’t believe how fast it went by. To think that I’m graduating soon and leaving my family and friends is surreal. Lately, I’ve been looking back on my past four years, thinking about all the things I did and didn’t do, things I said and didn’t say, my accomplishments, and my failures too.

Some people say high school is the best four years of your life. I wouldn’t go that far, but I definitely think it is one of the most important times of growth because you learn so many important lessons that will carry on throughout the rest of your life. High school has taught me who I really am, who my true friends are, and what I really want for myself. I wish that I could restart high school with all the knowledge I have now as a senior. So much stress, drama, and sadness could have been avoided if I knew back then what I know now. Here are a few of the many things I wish I knew before I started high school.

Don’t just do something because everyone else around you does it; do what makes you happy. Don’t buy a pair of shoes because 6 other people in the school have them. Buy them because you genuinely like them. Don’t miss out on a sport that you like because your peers think it’s stupid. Disregard their opinion and play it because it makes you happy. Trying to be someone you’re not is exhausting; be yourself and you will have a lot more fun.

He probably isn’t the one, so don’t dwell on it too long. Breakups in high school can feel like the end of the world, but they aren’t. Eventually, you’re going to get over him. You’ll be happy again and you might even find someone new. The chances of finding your “soulmate” in high school are slim, so just remember that he most likely is not the one and understand why your relationship didn’t work out. You will come out of it 10 times stronger and happier too. My mom had a boyfriend throughout most of high school, and she always tells me she regrets spending so much time on boys and wishes she spent more time making memories and bonding with friends.

Go to the football game. Go to as many sporting events as you can. Trust me, you’ll regret staying home once the opportunity is gone. I’m definitely going to miss cheering in the stands of Kusel Stadium for Friday night football.

Don’t let other peoples’ opinions make you feel bad about yourself. In high school, everyone gossips. You’re going to hear things people say about you, even from your closest friends. No matter how mean or hurtful the comments are, don’t let them bring you down. Most of the people that are going to talk about you do it because they’re jealous of you, and it’s a way for them to feel better about themselves. Their opinions are irrelevant if they use them to put you down. Stay above it.

Talk to your mom and listen to her advice.  Not all of her advice will pertain to your situation because her high school experience is completely different from yours, but she knows what she’s talking about. If she has a bad feeling about a friend or boy, she’s usually right. Talk to her about things that bother you, tell her your good and bad news. Your mom is always gonna be there for you, so take advantage of it.

Do your homework and study. Not caring about your grades is just going to make your life harder as you get older. If you don’t care about school work, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. You’ll be behind in classes and your college decisions will be limited. It’s not “lame” to be smart or do homework, and anyone that tries to make fun of you for doing so is just jealous that they don’t have the work ethic to do the same.

But, don’t freak out over school work; missing one assignment or flunking one test isn’t going to kill you. Although working hard and getting your work done is important, it isn’t the end of the world if you miss a homework assignment or get a D on a test. No one is perfect, so just try your hardest and don’t freak out if your grades aren’t perfect.

Try not to gossip. Although it may help you socially, it’ll eventually come back to bite you. Picking on someone just to fit in is unnecessary. If you have to do this to fit in, you’re in the wrong group.

Be honest with your friends. If your friend asks you for advice, don’t just tell them what they wan’t to hear. If you don’t think their boyfriend is good for them, tell them. If you think they are being mean or selfish in a situation, tell them. If you think they could find a cuter dress for the dance, tell them. At first they may get defensive, but in the end they will thank you.

Take as many ACTs, practice ACTs, and prep classes as you can. Starting this process early will benefit you so much in the long run. I regret starting ACT prep during junior year; if I would have started earlier my score would have been a lot higher and i wouldn’t have felt as pressured to do really well because I would have had more time to understand the way the test works.

Go out whenever you get the chance to. Whether your friends ask you to go to a party with them or go get ice cream, do it. Don’t stay in to watch Netflix and be lazy… you will regret the moments you missed. It’s okay to stay in every once in a while, but don’t waste every weekend sitting at home.

Not everyone is going to like you. This lesson has been one of the hardest, and I still struggle to accept it. When someone dislikes me, it drives me insane. I used to bend over backwards to get the approval of people that didn’t like me because I couldn’t stand it. Over the years I have learned that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for everyone to like you. The people that like you outweigh the people who don’t.

My high school experience would have been a lot easier if I knew all of this, but learning from mistakes and situations is a part of life that is essential for one’s growth. I wasn’t always happy over my last four years, nor was I drama free. Although it wasn’t perfect, I wouldn’t trade the things I learned and the people I met in high school for the world.

warm weather

I didn’t write this blog post last night because I was hoping we’d have a snow day, but of course we didn’t…. thanks Estepp. Anyways, I’ve been really looking forward to spring break for the past few months and its only in TWO DAYS!!!!! 

A big group of people in the senior class–including me–are going to Rosemary Beach in Florida. I’m staying in a house with a bunch of my closest friends and a lot of my best guy friends are staying in another house in Rosemary too! I can’t wait to go because I HATE cold weather (and being pale). Laying out on the beach with no worries can’t come soon enough.

Because spring break is only a week long, coming home to cold Ohio weather is going to be torture for me. Once I get back, all I’m going to look forward to is summer. So, I decided to make a list of my favorite things about summer and warm weather.

  1. tan lines
  2. getting lots of freckles
  3. driving in a car with the windows down
  4. going to a bunch of concerts
  5. wearing summery clothes
  6. eating ice cream and popsicles
  7. celebrating the 4th of July
  8. sleeping in
  9. the smell of sunscreen
  10. jumping in a pool when it’s really hot out
  11. taking a shower after a long day at the beach
  12. hanging out with your friends all day and then going back out at night
  13. canoeing with friends
  14. eating outside
  15. wearing swimsuits all the time
  16. my birthday!!! 🙂 (July 7)
  17. making s’mores around a fire
  18. watching the sun set at a beach
  19. walking barefoot
  20. listening to happy music
  21. drinking smoothies
  22. no school

Sorry for the short post, but I hope everyone has an awesome spring break!!

the door of my childhood

Every day I am reminded of my childhood. Sometimes it is when I get my after school snack, other times it is when I do the dishes or help my mom with dinner. What brings me back to the good old days is the pantry door in my kitchen.

This door is covered in pictures of my immediate and extended family, along with art projects my siblings and I made in elementary school that my parents can’t seem to part with. I used to hate this door because the embarrassing pictures of myself were out in the open for any visitor in my home to see. But over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate it for several reasons-regardless of the cringe-worthy pictures -because it is a representation of my family.

The door gives the room character; I can’t imagine what my kitchen would look like if the door was plain white, just like I can’t imagine what my life would be like if my family was “plain.” My life would be much different without my mom’s spunk, my dad’s corny jokes, my sister’s bubbly personality,  my brother’s sense of humor, and my crazy dogs.

The door is messy, but in a good way. The pictures are random and aren’t lined up perfectly, several of them over lap, and some of the art projects are ripped or falling apart. Similar to my family, the door isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes it special. My family argues, our house isn’t always perfectly clean, and sometimes we forget things, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Lastly, it is full of memories. Everything on the door has a story behind it, and I bet I could tell you most of them. There are many stories I could tell about my family, good and bad. Looking back on most of these memories is nostalgic, but I know that there are many more to come.

finding a roommate :0

Around this time of the school year, most seniors have already chosen where they are going to go to college. Being the indecisive person I am, I still haven’t made my decision, and I have no idea when I will know. Some people say they toured the campus of their school and just knew it was where they wanted to go, but I’ve never gotten that feeling. As I’m still trying to decide where I will go for the next 4 years, I have another very important decision to make: finding my roommates.

I never realized how stressful finding college roommates would be. First, you have to join the Facebook groups of the colleges you are considering, and once you get accepted into them, you’re supposed to post about yourself. I joined several groups so that I could find potential roommates for all of the schools I’m still considering. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to formulate my post, but there are a lot of things to consider when making it. Do I sound boring? Is this too cliche? Do I look pretty enough in these pictures? Will they think I’m fun? 

As I made my post, all of these questions came to mind, and I’m sure a lot of other girls thought the same things as they made their own. I had several of my friends look over my post to make sure it was okay, and I finally posted it. After I posted it I scrolled through the pages, frantically looking for someone who I thought would be a good roommate for me. As I looked through the other posts, I realized that although these Facebook groups are helpful to see who else is attending the college, the things people post don’t really reveal anything about them. Every person posts the best pictures they have of themselves, along with a caption saying where they’re from and what they like to do on the weekends. Almost everyone said, “I love to go out and have fun, but school is my top priority” (I said something like this too, oops).

I talked to several girls from the groups and got to know them beyond their stereotypical Facebook post captions, and I have figured out-for the most part-who I’m going to room with for the schools I am deciding between! All that’s left to do is pick a college….

this is us

For this post I decided to write about the show This Is Us because I want anyone who doesn’t already watch it to start it. NOW!!

If you don’t know what this show is about, don’t worry i’ll tell you : ) It explains the life story of an ordinary family, showing them as they grow up and flashing back and forth from their past to the present so you can put their life story together piece by piece. Each episode explains a certain event or part of their life, so you are given more and more information as you keep watching.

My entire family started it when it came out and we were all hooked immediately. I was hesitant to start it at first because it seemed like one of those stereotypical ‘mom shows’ that would put me to sleep. I was completely wrong.

It is probably the best show I have ever watched. It is so well written and realistic, and because it’s about a normal family, it’s easy to relate to. There have only been a few seasons, but I am already so emotionally attached to all of the characters (I cry almost every episode) and I clear my schedule to watch it every week.

I love the way the writers set it up because it’s unlike any show i’ve watched. Instead of starting from the beginning and explaining the family’s life as it goes on like a typical show would do, the parts of their lives are intentionally scattered so that we are left wondering why a certain character did something or how something happened. It is so unpredictable and full of twists you would never think of. I hate watching shows or movies where you know exactly what is going to happen at the end. With This Is Us, I always think I know what’s going to happen next but I’m always wrong. The actors are AMAZING and they make it feel like they are a part of my own family. They are so easy to connect to and relate to, which makes the show 10 times better.

If anyone reading this hasn’t watched this show yet, I HIGHLY recommend it because it will change your life and make you want to appreciate all the people you have and live your life to the fullest. I can’t imagine someone watching this show and not liking it. Anyways, sorry for the rant, but I hope those of you who don’t watch it start it!! And I hope you guys are reading this on Thursday and not Wednesday- snow day tomorrow: )

new year new me?

Every time the new year is approaching, I usually feel pressured to have a long list of new years resolutions that will make me a new and better version of myself. Most of the time I follow the resolutions I make for a few weeks and then end up forgetting about them.

This new years was different. I was so excited for 2017 to end that I didn’t even feel the need to make resolutions; the year ending was enough. 2017 was probably one of the worst years of my life, and it seemed to be never ending. A lot of life changing things happened and I learned a lot about myself and others as well, but most of these realizations came from many unfortunate events. I don’t face many hardships in my life, but for some reason 2017 was full of them, coming at me non stop.

Although 2017 was a year of overthinking, regret, and sadness, I did benefit in some way from everything that happened.

I learned to never take anything for granted. Nothing in life is permanent, even the things you could never imagine losing. Cherish everything you have no matter how small and always appreciate what you have because you never know how long it’ll be yours.

I learned that time heals. No matter how much you are hurting, it will get better. Everyone heals in different ways and it might take you longer than most, but you will be happy again. Your pain will not last forever….just give it some time 🙂

I learned that true friends can change your life. Throughout your whole life you are going to encounter mean people, and sometimes those people will be the ones you thought would never hurt you. Once you find friends who truly care about you and your well being, your life will be so much better. You will feel important and loved, as you always should.

I learned to forgive, but never forget. Everyone deserves forgiveness and holding grudges against people is petty and immature. Always forgive them, but never forget how they made you feel. Be wary of those you have to forgive in the first place; some are prone to do it again. Don’t give others the power to control the way you feel because it will often lead to you getting hurt.

And lastly, I learned to be myself.  The people that truly matter will love you for who you are, no matter how weird or messy or sensitive you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because it will only temporarily benefit you, and playing a part gets old. You shouldn’t have to hide who you are.

Going into 2018, I hope I can remember all that I learned from 2017. I hope that this year is filled with fun and happiness and that I can continue to learn more about myself and become a better person in doing so.

where are you Christmas

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love decorating my tree, putting up lights, being with my family, and giving presents! Although I still love it, it’s not nearly as exciting as it used to be.

When I was younger, Christmas Eve was probably the most exciting day of my life. I thought about it all day, wondering what gifts I was going to get the following morning. At night I would lie awake in my bed, listening for any thumps or thuds that would indicate that Santa and his reindeer were on my roof. I always ended up falling asleep before I did. The next morning I would wake up super early, usually around 6 or 7. I would run to my brothers room and wake him up and then go get my sister. We would all sit in my brother’s bed, anxiously waiting for it to be 8:00 AM, the time our parents said was present opening time. As soon as it was 8, we all would run to our parents bedroom and jump on their bed to wake them up.

Every year my dad would film us walking down the stairs and seeing the tree with all of the presents for the first time. Those minutes sitting on the top of the stairs, waiting for him to get his video camera felt like hours. Finally getting to run down the stairs and find which presents were mine was the best feeling.

As soon as I found out Santa wasn’t real, all of the “magic” of Christmas faded away. It was very hard for me and my brother to convince our sister he was real when we both knew he wasn’t. I pretended I was excited as I used to be for her, but it wasn’t the same. When she found out he was real, it became even less exciting. I still loved celebrating the holiday and being with my family, but I wished I had never found out about Santa. Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas anymore.

A while after finding out, I decided to see Christmas as more about giving gifts than getting gifts. I took pride in what I got for my siblings, parents and friends. I didn’t care as much about what I received, but more about what I gave to other people. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone love a gift you got them.

Christmas isn’t the same as it used to be, but it’s still a fun holiday. I’m excited for Christmas Break, getting to see extended family, and participating in Secret Santa gift exchanges with my friends, but I still wish I could go back in time to experience Christmas as a little girl again.


This weekend I got my first college acceptance letter!! It was from University of Dayton, which is one of the six schools I have applied to. I’m super excited about hearing back from all my schools, but I’m also nervous because I don’t know if I got in to all of them or got a good amount of money off my tuition. The other schools I applied to are OSU, Indiana University, University of Kentucky, Miami University, and University of Cincinnati. OSU is my #1 choice, and I think I have a good chance at getting into it and the rest of the schools.

Finishing my common app was weird in itself, and getting acceptance letters is surreal. I can’t believe that I’ll be choosing which college I’m going to in a few months. I’m eager to see where I and the rest of the Senior class ends up.

High school has gone by so fast, and as I am excited to leave and have the college experience, it’s gonna be weird being away from home. I don’t know how I’m gonna know when to go to bed, or when to stay in and study instead of going out, or when I need to work out without having my parents there to tell me. I’m also scared about managing my money because I’m an impulsive person, so I tend to spend my money pretty quickly. Hopefully I can learn to use my money wisely and avoid the freshman 15 🙂

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